6.26.17 Helllllloooooooooo!

Feeling a lot of love for you all in this moment! I love, love, love all of the emails and photos of everyones lives! Ahhhhh! I forget life still is going on for you all while I am here 🙂

I loved my week! I love my mission. SO hard but so worth every second when I look back each day. There is just so much work to be done and not enough time! But, I am so grateful to be in a place like this where so many people are so ready to come unto Christ and receive all He has in store for them!

So 3 experiences that were sooooo good!

Granddaughter of our pens! She always wants to wear my plaque!

Part of our area consists of the beach, a lot of our investigadors live on this beach as the sand as their floors… with no light or water…. breaks my heart. But seriously some of the best people I have ever met. We had a lesson with our investigador Leila and her daughter, Jade. We taught about the Atonement. It was such a beautiful 30 minutes. Being in the moment, talking about our Savior and seeing the ocean for miles. We all felt the love God had for us, I know we did. After. Leila says, ¨I talked with my husband and I want to be baptized!¨ Hermana Guerrero and I just looked at each other, hugged and then hugged Leila! It was so special (except she has to get married to her husband… that is the major problem of peru HA) but I know with her desire that the Lord will provide a way for her and her family!

We found a lady named Iris, she is seriously amazing. I said something along the lines of how the church has such a good feeling and then she said yes! because in the catholic church whenever I go… I just do not feel anything… everytime I go, I just feel off. OF COURSE. because your soul is searching for something better.

Birthday party for the cutest little girl, Gallela!

We had a Capilla Abierta this past Saturday night, it is when we open up the church and give a tour to everyone that would like to come. It is actually so incredible. All these members bring non members, missionaries bring their investigadores, friends bring their friends. Hermana Guerrero and I got the best part of talking about the Savior in the sacramental sala and explaining the importance of the sacrament. The best. But, during the slow times, we go out a tract to find people to invite and bring! I went with Hermana Rios, wife of my mission presidente. We were walking, she looks at me and says pick a family and we will invite them. We find a family playing in the park and I just felt like we needed to talk to them, so we did. And they came! A cute mom with her husband and 3 kids! To be honest, I never found them after sadly so I never know what they thought, but I think that is what is so special about being missionaries we get to be lead by the spirit, plant seeds and of course not everyone is going to accept this message we have but what matters is that we invited because we know with all our hearts it is so true and can change their lives for the better. I do not know what will happen with that dear family but what I do know is that they walked away feeling different from when they walked into the capilla abierta! And hopefully someday those seeds in their hearts will grow!

Changes our NEXT WEEK! Fastest change of my whole 4 changes hahahaha! Last week for my comp. H. Arista in her mish! Craziness! I LOVE MY COMPS.


I do not give them enough credit but they are seriously angels! I learn so much everyday.

Happiness Boosters:

– Mama G is our new pensionita! YES!
– Hermana Guerrero suprised me with an alfahor. Best comp ever.
– 13 people came to church!!!!!! Miracle of the Lord.
– Our investigador, Saul is getting baptized this Saturday! He is 13 and has such a pure testimony. We are happy, happy, happy!

Do not ever forget how much God loves you! OK?

Hermana Higginson

We have the hook up with food 🙂

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