6.19.17 Moments that matter most




How are you all? I hope happy and eating lots of Chick-fil-A for me! PEOPLE! GOD IS SO GOOD TO US.      I am so serious, never in my life have I been so thankful for my loving Heavenly Father. He always does his own part when we do ours. I have seen it over and over in the lives of these sweet people here in Peru and in my own. We are so lucky to have a father who will neverrrrrrrrrrrrrr leave us! Ever, ever, ever.


Oh my goodness, it is so hard to explain what happens every day in my mission but all I can say is it is a rollercoaster and God really wants to test me to see if I will stay true to Him and His will. I think that is what is unique about a mission is you come to find your weaknesses and everything you are horrible at…. HA! And you realize how humble you need to be and turn everything over to God to help you. God is never going to be just okay with us staying in our comfort zones and weaknesses. That is why every trial, challenge and heartache have a purpose. An eternal purpose! All God wants from us is progress.


I really am just loving life here in Salaverry. For real. We have the privilege to teach & meet so many amazing people… and rather they accept the Gospel or not… their hearts are so humbled. Seriously happiness is not measured by what we have. Everyone is just always smiling here. It is contagious. I LOVE TEACHING THIS GOSPEL!!! It just brings a joy like no other.


Mama G

So we ride in motor taxis everywhere here to get to our appointments. We met a guy with a family awhile ago and see him often. Hermana G & I call him our homie! He told us we could stop by and gave us his direction. Well, I am with Mama G looking everywhere for this address that does not exist…. giving up hope that we will never find him, we are in the middle of nowhere, until he is driving down the road with his moto. Whatttttttt. Heavenly Father telling me… ¨do you not believe in my timing?¨ How does he make everything work. Always in awe. Just little moments like those, ya know?


Happiness Boosters:

– In a taxi… Nashville Tribute Band playing on the radio. OK.

– Nightly walks with a convert Dias. He is an angel. He always cheers us right up. 🙂

– Teaching Mama G ¨Raise the roof¨ in English. Basically the funniest thing ever.

– Intercambio with my Hermana Barnes. She rocks.

– LETTERS from the fammmmmm. My cheerleadersssss!

– Every person here calling me ¨Hermana Higgy¨ HAHAHA


Tengan una buena semana! Les Quiero muchisimo!

Hermana Higgy



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