6.12.17 Just serve and be happy!!!



– A compromise of Doris getting baptized was if we bought her big flowers (kidding but not kidding)

This week was special and I feel I tried harder to see the Lord´s hand working each day in my life as a missionary. It is funny that you are able to find everything the Lord does for you when you just try to pay closer attention. Everything good & wholesome truly does come from him!


– My comp G

I have been able to see how people start to have a change of heart and start becoming more converted to the Lord (this is a goal I am trying harder to achieve, picking out how the Gospel truly does changes hearts, even if it is just simply that a person says a simple prayer, this is a start to a change of heart and a better conversion) I will forever love when a person says there first prayer… and says ¨Padre Celestial.¨ Really what matters each day is those little moments of becoming converted. Those good decisions that we think do not matter but actually really do. What is essential is that our labors and our choices in the workplace of the Lord and in this life have caused us to become something…. Because what is important in the end to God is what we have become by our labors. God wants us everyday to become converted.


– BAUTISMO DE DORIS!!! My heart:)

We had our baptism of Doris! Straight up miracle. It was seriously an amazing night. The most happiest thing. Her granddaughters were baptized a couple months ago… and then after her grandson followed and then Doris! The effect the Gospel can have. We truly thought she would not get baptized because Satan was working on her so hard but from one day to the next she changed 360. I feel so privileged to have witnessed it. She is a golden convert.

The past couple of days me and my comps have been doing 3 division splits to get to all of our appointments because we have so many… so I went with my girl Z. She is amazing. We went to go find an investigador and she wasn’t home. This girl was standing outside of her house and I had the feeling to go speak to her… but I really did not want to because I was SO nervous. I kept getting the same feeling, so I did it. I am so grateful I did. This girl is named Nicole and she has 15 years. She comprehends EVERYTHING. I wonder if I was 15 years… I would accept everything like she does. It is so tender to see. I know that our other investigador wasn´t suppose to be home so that I could find Nicole!


My second day on splits and I found a lady named Ingrid with Mama G. We talked for a couple minutes and she invited us into her home (people seriously always receive us) I start sharing some things about the Gospel and why it is true and then she stops and tells me that her husband passed away 4 months earlier. I had never come into contact with someone here going through such a hard trial, so fresh. Then it was amazing because the spirit was there and to tesify that families are eternal and she can one day see her husband again is a message of so much power and hope. She had tears in her eyes… I almost had tears in my eyes. The spirit edified both of us. So amazinggggggg.


My life in a few sentences. I have 5 months here in Peru… which scares me because some days I never want to leave Peru 🙂 I know this work is more important than anything!

Happiness boosters:

1. The man of the bus I got to talk to that reminded me exactly of my Uncle Marc.

2. Seeing Hermana Fullmer at the baptism of Doris!

3. The random little Peruvian kids that run up and give me hugs. Thank you so much.

4. Helping investigators that live on the beach in our area with hauling their water to their homes. I even had a race against Leila (our investigators, I adore her soooooo much) who could run faster with the water!

5. Eating Trix cereal with milk! The little things. Oh and pan. Our friend Cesar always helps us out.

Lovage to you all!


Hermana Higg



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