6.5.17 El Luz de Dios es real!


IT IS JUNE. It is summer in Idaho and my family is going boating without me! I thought they would wait for me until next summer… ya fue hahaha! I am so taken back it is June… my new motive everyday for the mission is ¨work hard or not at all!¨ I know that a person that works hard and gives their heart and time to the Lord is a happy person. And I want to always be that person!

This week was the weirdest week everrrrrrr, the things you see and experience on a mission are so crazy and miraculous all at once.Somedays I just walk the streets here in Salaverry and cannot believe I am actually here. It feels like a dream! Sometimes I pinch myself 🙂

our dear investigator CAROLITA!!! I love her so much.

I have to say…. the most beautiful thing is when you get to the part about Joseph Smith´s vision… and share his experience… with the Spirit just testifying of Joseph Smith and his very real experience, how he truly did see our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and this light that never existed before in their eyes, all of the sudden exists. Even if they might not completely understand, it is the light of Christ bringing back to their rememberance everything that they already know. It seriously is so beautiful. Every time.

We are working hard this upcoming week to prepare our investigator Doris for her bautismo on Friday! Every time after we teach her a lesson or a new principle she just looks at us with a smile and says…¨ oh hermanitas, I already knew that!¨ She is so funny!

I have fallen in love with the scripture, 1 Nephi 15:8 ¨And I said unto them: Have you inquired of the Lord?¨ The power of prayer should NEVER be underestimated. I find whenever I look to the Lord in my thoughts and decisions, I always find a lot more peace, a lot more comfort. Ten out of ten times I find a solution to my problems or challenges in the moments I need them most. Prayer has never been so meaningful in my life like it has become on my mission. The Lord is there. He really is there. Always just think… have I asked the Lord what He would want in this moment or have I taken the time to ask the Lord to give me strength?

We ran up the Cerro this morning for our workout!
The view is priceless when you get to the top. You just get to take a moment to take in how good life truly is. Because it so is.


Hermana Higg

wedding of the elders in Salaverry, their converts! they got married and then bautpized the next day! so happy!



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