5.22.17 4 Seconds in Heaven


So basically the saddest start ever to a new week learning your mama, Hermana Kfullms is getting transferred to a new area. My heart literally feels so crushed. Hermana G and I thankfully will remain together while an hermana from Lima will be in another trio with us. Yet, we will miss Hermana Fullmer so much it hurts. We say how our time together was 4 weeks in heaven or in other terms 4 seconds in heaven because it feels like we just barely got put together. Sometimes it is a little hard to have faith in the Lord’s grand picture he sees. I know it makes sense when we do have that solid faith though. It makes all of the difference. Obviously it is time to gain new experiences and grow with another comp, right? Hermana Fullms has more lives to go bless and save just like she has done so for mine. Don´t want to say bye to mama tonight 😦


1. We got to go on a temple trip with converts this past Saturday and members of our ward!
Sitting in the temple watching the converts be baptized and continuing the work of the Lord was SO SPECIAL. Unlike a peace I have ever felt before in my heart.

2. The bauptism of Analie! It happened! Of course something always has to happen not in our favor (satannnnn HA) as the bauptismal font had bugs all of it right when we had to start at 6 and ended up not starting until around 7:30… it all turned out so beautifully. She was so happy and her testimony. You all. I wish you could have witnessed it. I just love this gospel. I love it, I love it, I love it. Please learn to just love it with everything you have and never take advantage of it.

3. We make american browines basically every night in our kitchen so that makes us happy hermanas. Excpet when we find spiders & cockroaches in our kitchen… then then happiness is all over, especially for Hermana G hahaha.

4. We have another bauptism this upcoming week by the name of Victor, his wife is a member and has greatly influenced, we literally just walked into the scene and the first lesson he asked if he could be baptized the 27 of May. I mean, sure why not?!

5. We have Mama G. A member that lives below our apartment. She is our literal mom here in Salaverry. She does everything for us. From going out late at night to buy us eggs, to accompanying us to lessons all day long, to giving us hugs always. We are so blessed to have her.

6. Our happiest trio may be getting broken up… but the fact we got the time we did was a tender mercy and now we are lifelong besties which is one of the best things ever about missions.

Being a missionary is a rollercoaster of hard times and good but what I have learned the most is that we cannot ever make miracles happen in our comfort zone, therfore, the Lord is going to push us and force us to grow in order to make those miracles happen and to help us find our true potential. I know that to be so true with my whole heart.

Just trust in the Lord & everything, somehow in someway, works out for our good.


Hermana Higg


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