5.8.17 Mi nombre is Hermana Higginson or Hermana Higgs, yeah, it works.


My beloved peeps…. another week downnnnnn. That is what my and my cute little trio chants after every day, another day downnnnnn. because the days just pass by and by and by!

and what a good week it was! I can´t even tell you all everything that happened…but what I do know is that missionary work is real and changes hearts. I love to witness it righ before my own eyes. Ahhh!

The best thing that did happened, happened on Saturday. The bauptism of the sweetest 14 year old girl, Neyra. She is amazing. Her smile explains everything and her testimony after she walked out of the waters of bauptism… wowzers. Yet, Satan ALWAYS has to interfere, Hermana Guerrero and I took a mototaxi to go pick her up for her bauptism and she was no were to be found. The people who own the house would not let us in and we literally had do idea what to do. So, we stood there and said a prayer and kept telling each other everything happens for a reason. We kept trying to firgure out the reason the Lord wanted us to see in that moment and we just could not. We sat on the sidewalk for a good hour and a half and her whole family shows up and tells us she was in her room sleeping the whole time. WHAT. So they woke her up and away we went! But the reasoning we figured out it worked how it did was because her family needed to be there. They are not members and would not have been able to witness their daughter and big sister get baptized right at 6, it had to be at 7:30 so her whole family could be there. So cool, huh? The Lord knows. Never underestimate his plan and timing if everything. It has purpose!

My trio! Hermana Fullms and Hermana G! We are working so hard… being so obedient and having fun through it all. Truly enjoying the moments together. Obedience brings happiness and working hard in the Lord´s vineyard brings miracles! We have another bauptism this Saturday, Analie. She literally told us her bauptism date. OKAY. The hearts the Lord prepares. Then the following week we have Dorris. A grandma who Hermana Fullms and G baptized her 3 grandaughters about a month ago and then her grandson just got bauptized on Saturday. She raises them and now we know it is her turn to walk into the waters of bauptism. THE WORK HERE IN SALAVERRY. So incredible and so happy! I love it.

I have not recovered from the fact that everyone and their dogs have lice. It is quite disturbing and the smells we get to smell everyday here. Wow. hahahaha it is something else, I am telling ya! But all is bright and all is happy!

Remember: If you feel distant from God ever, you need to fix it because He is never changing and always waiting with huge open and loving arms!

Hermana Higgs

The only picture I have since my sim card will not work ahhhhh sad!!!

Have a joyful week, i love you all so much!


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