5.1.17 Salaverry- Home Sweet Home


Mi personas favoritas!

AHHH! What a week! I am so happy. Wow. This work is hard… but I have never been so humble and patient in my whole life. I learn more about myself and my relationship with the Lord each week.

BUT, I am in a new area called Salaverry. It is on the ocean and wowzers… it is SO darn pretty here. I have a new trainer and I am in a trio. An American trio 🙂 Hermana Fullmer is my trainer. SHE IS AN ANGEL. She is seriously so awesome. Sher is the type of missionary I dream of becoming. Hermana Guerrero! We came out the same time to the field & were in the CCM together. She is sunshine. I am so blessed.

Hermana Higginson’s miracles of the week:

– My new mama (hermana fullmer) my heart!

– My new home & two new comps… obviously 🙂

– My love for the people here in Salaverry… they have taken me right in as their own.

– Our investigadors, they occupy such a space in my heart. They are all incredible. Their faith and trust and the promises they make with the Lord… it is incredible to witness.

– We committed 5 people to be baptized this week. It was so powerful and the reality of how true this gospel is pierces my heart over and over and over again.

– My confidence. I have truly found more of my confidence and purpose this past week. I pray every single day for the Lord to help me find confidence and my purpose in his work… in salaverry now, and every single day he is able to show me my value.

I am adjusting to the change of everything new, but I seriously love it. I love being a missionary and I have recongized more than ever how important this work it. I feel so much joy.

My tiny bit of advice:

PLEASE remember, after any storm of life, affliction, trial, hardship… always comes the sunshine and the son himself, our Savior.

Have such a good week & remember how much I love you all!

Hermana Higginson
Mosiah 24:12-15



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