4.24.17 I love Jesus… SO MUCH!

My people,

Another week down in the Lord´s work here in El Bosque. I learn and grow each week more than I think I can or will. That is the beautiful thing about missions!

Hermana Higginson´s miracles for the week:

– As we were walking the streets… our citas kept falling and no one was home. I kept thinking in my mind missionaries tell me that they have had experiences when people come up to them and want to be taught the gospel, I kept thinking how amazing that is. Well, literally 15 minutes after a 24 year old guy name Jorge stopped us in the calle and asked us to meet with him. Heavenly Father and His ways. Puts me in awe.

– Diego! Our 15 year old investigador! His good heart. Our last lesson he told us how he is going to change his schedule to attend church each Sunday. We asked him why… and he said he felt he should through his prayers.

– I had to lead my area this past Thursday with dear Hermana Bosmediano! I may or may not have stopped us in the calle a couple of times just to pray to find our way and make sure we are headed in the right place. Ha! Luckily, the Lord guided us. Like He always does.Craziest thing though… we somehow ended up finding a guy who is an English teacher here in El Bosque and told me we could only come back if we preach the Gospel to him in English. That will be a way different experience… because I know how to share the gospel more in Spanish now than English 🙂

– MY MISSION PRESIDENTE. Truly called by God. I am so grateful to have the knowledge that he has keys of personal revelation for the mission and also for me personally. I was shown today that I am under his direction for a specific reason at this time in my life and he has so much love to give.

My advice:

Don´t kill yourself worrying about manana… or what you have absolutely no control over. Do what you can and God will make up the rest. He knows what he is doing. I promise.

I know this church is so true and I love Jesus.

Hermana Higginson


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