4.17.17 Leche blancho and pounds of pan

My fav people ever!

Okay. That week flew by like no one’s business. Mission time is not real time…. I am completely convinced. I hit my 3 month mark. WHAT. Yep. Not real time.

This past week I received a little message from a dear friend on the mission, Hermana Fullmer, she is heaven sent, “Happiness consists not of having, but of being; not of possessing but of enjoying. For what a man HAS he may be dependent on others.” Doesn’t that quote hit to the heart. We create happiness… it should never be something we wait for or have to be dependent on from people, circumstances or material items. True happiness comes from within…. that is why the greatest change we will ever experience comes from within also. SO choose happiness today and always be happy because we have the Savior and the gospel! Every reason to be happy 🙂

Hermana Higginson´s miracles of the week:

– THE TEMPLE. Wow. You don´t realize how much you miss the spirit in the temple until you don’t experience it for awhile. It struck me right when I walked through the doors. It was the best feeling ever. The temple was exactly what I needed and brought me so much strength beyond my own. The Trujillo temple… wowzers it is incredibily beautiful. If you ever need a pick me up, go to the temple. It will surely do the trick every time!

– So… as I was at the Gonzalez´s home this week (Our convert Roberto’s family) we were talking to his brother in law Aaron. He then turned his computer around to show me a picture of his trainer when he served in Columbia and guess who it was…. my COUSIN RILEY. My cousin Brodi’s husband. I was dumbfounded hahaha. Here I am, a couple years lates, teaching Riley’s trainee’s brother-in-law the Gospel in El Bosque, Trujillo Peru. What are the chances. I walked away thinking, “well if that does not prove I am suppose to be here, I do not know what will.” The Lord works in the funniest ways. HIs timing and plan for each of us puts me in awe every day.

– HERMANO ROBERTO. He was baptized last Saturday. My heart. Watching him walk into the waters of baptism truly made me tear up. It proved my purpose of why I am on a mission… for others. To help OTHERS come unto Christ and have the opportunity to have their lives changed for the better. The spirit… it was so warm in the room and I have never seen such a genuine and happy smile like I did on Hermana Roberto as he came out of the water.

This past week I was reading in the New Testament more about the Savior’s life. All of His miracles He performed. He truly is risen. He lives in each one of our lives and knows each one of us perfectly. He did it for us… each of us and all he aks of us? To come unto to Him and follow Him. I love Easter as the time we get to celebrate Him. Yet, I have found that when you strive to celebrate Him and all He is in your life, you come to know Him and you come to love Him more than you ever have before.

Weird things I have learned about Peru this week:

1. Peruvians water their weeds.
2. Peruvians sweep up their dirt in dirt.
3. Peruvians wash their sidewalks.
4. Peruvians like to party and like to blast the music as loud as it goes because they know missionaries are suppose to go to bed at 10:30 hahahaha.

I also get called leche blanco… a lot. I didn’t know I stuck out amongst Peruvians 🙂 I also have a really bad addiction of eating pounds of pan and mermelada (bread & jam) it is BAD. That is my life 🙂

I love you all. Thank you for all of the prayers you offer in my behalf. They humble me and bring so much love into my heart.

So much love,
Hermana Higginson


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