4.10.17 Just be tranquilo!


I am really starting to believe the quote, “The Lord doesn’t call the qualified, he qualifies the called.” because I still have no idea what I am doing as a missionary besides inviting others to come unto Christ. I don’t think any missionary actually ever knows what they are truly doing… and if they do I feel like they are lying hahaha! Yet, I find great comfort in knowing everything will work out if we are trying to live the way our Savior did and being worthy to receive the blessings and divine power of mercy and help He has to offer. Even if we try .1278127 percent, the Lord still has something to work with in our favor!

District cooking sesh!

Hermana Higginson´s miracles for the week:

– Our investigator — Roberto! The one who prayed for my Spanish for me a few weeks back. He is getting baptized this Saturday! It is amazing. Amazing to see how much the gospel changes hearts ands behaviors. He told us how he wants his future family to be centered in the gospel. Aw. It is awesome because him and his wife Fernanda got married in December so hopefully in a year can be sealed. We are looking forward to this Saturday!

– Teaching kids in the calle (street) how to pray. Most tender thing. The power of prayer is real. It is amazing because we are literally inviting people to pray to their Heavenly Father for the first time and talk with Him. Imagine His joy when He finally hears from one of His children!

– Interchange with dear Hermana Asher (from Idaho Falls) she rocks. She showed me that teaching the gospel simply with the spirit as the teacher is what will change hearts, it doesn’t matter how well or pretty your spanish is. It was a tender mercy of a lesson for me.

– Putting my plaque on everyday gives me more strength than anything… having Christ’s name on my heart and remembering to look to Christ in every thought and action I have day by day.

– We have these tiny pictures of the Savior. This little boy ran out of the store, had to be about 4 or 5, pointing his fingers at us as a pretend gun, so we were doing it back and he just kept smiling. We then handed him one of the cards and his smile intensified… as we were walking away he just kept staring at this little photo smiling… and then… he pointed up to the sky. Yep. I lost it. Tears. All over my face. Kids are so connected to heaven. I will never forget that precious moment. Ever.

You know that talk about the BYU football game from conference? How he would only watch the game if he knew they would win and during hard times of the game or when they were behind in score, he was calm because he knew it would turn out just right. Well yeah, my mission feels that way. Because I know in the end I will be the happiest I have ever been and understand my purpose more fuller, everything will be tranquillo! But we have to go through those hard times, ya know? I love, love, love in Ether 12:27 the phrase, “if men come unto me” so… when we feel like all of our weaknesses are crashing upon us it is because we are becoming humbled and coming unto the Lord. And he WILL make our weaknesses strengths. Our lives our like a BYU football game 🙂 So in all reality we don´t need to be sad, because we will come back on top!

We get to go to the temple tomorrow morning and I am literally a kid of Christmas Eve.

I cannot wait. I sweat and sweat and sweat always, eat pounds of rice and lose about 1000 hairs a day 🙂 Mission blessings! Missionary life is good.

Love, Hermana Higginson


Hermana Cecilia in our ward. She rocks.

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