4.3.17 The ability to have Joy ALWAYS!

My people!

First thing is first:

POCATELLO, IDAHO TEMPLE. Are you joking me?! MY HEART WANTS TO BURST! Best temple announcement ever! I will be gooing over that news for the next couple of months 🙂

Second off:

Shoutouts to my best friends! My sister Kels is a BABE and won 3rd place in her DYW competition! And Hannah got her braces off…so party in the Higginson household!

What a week of growing, learning, stretching and changing. The mission does that to me each day. It is a good thing learning more each day how to be a better disciple of Christ.

Welp. Wasn’t Conference just the greatest thing on planet earth? SO much goodness and hope! Gives me joy and chills all over just thinking about it. EVery question I had prepared going into Conference was answered in some shape or form. God truly, really, super duper knows us! Everything about us. What a happy knowledge.

Hermana Higginson’s miracles for the week:

– Diego. Siempre. We invited him to baptism the 29th of this month! The only problem… he has ENglish classes on SUndays… same time as church. BUT, we just have the calmest feeling with faith that God will provide a way for Diego. We testified of that truth to him. He tells us all of the time the Gospel just seems so familiar to him… ok. Major chills! Because he has heard the Gospel and accepted it before! He also went to the Sunday morning session of Conference with questions to be answered. He is golden.

– Familia Paredes. We have been having a diffucult time with their family because they are not progressing… so we had to talk about dropping them. But, on Saturday we had a lesson with them and let them know our purpose was to help others come unto Christ and help them make changes in their lives… we asked what they wanted from us and they said to keep learning so we invited them to Conference and they CAME: FIRST TIME TO CHURCH. And they have been taught for over 4 months now. After conference, they kept thanking us for leaving our homes and sacraficing our time to be here for them. Just like in one of the conference talks — which was a tender mercy for them to here. We will see what happens now. I hope we can have the gift of discernment to know their needs.

– 5 people in the Capilla for General Conference! Wooooo! Hno Diego, Hno Snider, Hna. Elizabeth, Hno. Roberto and Hno. Jorge! All investigators and a new record for El Bosque! Miracles.

Zone Conference

– We had zone conference last Wednesday and I got to see my CCM Hermanas! Hermana Guerrero and Hermana Barnes. It was the best to see them. After the conference.. the senior couple in our mission — The whitneys, the best people ever — invited my companion and a trio of hermanas to lunch since they die in May (tears). They invitied us to lunch but told us to keep it on the down low with not letting Presidente know… ha so bad but then President walked up to Elder Whitney and asked… “so you are bringing hermanas to lunch? We want to come!) So… here we were at a super nice restraunt, eating lunch with President and Hermana Rios. Yep. Presidente Rios told us not to get use to it 🙂 He also bought us ice cream afterwards HA!

– We had cambios last Friday.. so you know what that means! No English! hahaha I went with Hermana Bosmediano in Trujillo and she is heaven sent. SHe really taught me how to look at my last 3 months of Spanish and see how far I have come with the Savior. I need to do better at that. She also asked me right before our planning prayer… ” Hermana, usted tiene un novio?” I literally had no clue what that word meant… then she said “Un chico?!?” It means boyfriend and oh man… we were dying of laughter. She is hilarious and I am so glad I got to spend a day with her.

– I got my girls night out Saturday night because we got permission to go eat out and we went to KFC. REAL french fries. Ahhh! We went with Hermana Bosmediano and Hermana Asher (she is from Idaho Falls!)

Hermana Asher

– It is getting cooler here. FINALLY. SO now I do not sweat all night or day long as bad and I smell somewhat decent 🙂 It is the little things!

– My biggest miracle of the week came as the Mormon Tabernacle Choir sang, “How Firm a Foundation” I truly had tears streaming down my face… and I think I can say that is the first time I have felt just pure happiness despite my circumstances, that joy really comes through the knowledge that we have Jesu Christ who understands us… who gives us purpose as we go through difficult times because everything we go through is for our good, that we know we will be lifted up as we are obedient, worthy of the spirit and striving to be a little better with Christ’s help each day. This is where joy comes froms — knowing that you know and the Savior knows you are striving to walk uprightly before him. It is a really good feeling.

“One of the greatest weaknesses in most of us is our lack of faith in ourselves. One of the most common failings is to depreciate our tremendous worth” – Tom L. Perry

This quote has become very dear and I loved how Elder Holland counseled us to believe in ourselves… because each of us is unique and each of us is needed. God has a special work for each of us to do. But we need to have faith in Him and ourselves! In Morono 9:6 it says “We have a labor to perform whilst in this tabernacle of clay.” The Lord NEEDS us! Never degrade your worth because the Lord is determined to make us much more than we can imagine.

This is my last week in my 6 week change. WHAT. Ah. I still have so far to go ha. I love the good people here in El Bosque more and more every day. joy comes on focusing on others like any other joy. I know I am suppose to be here and I can testify that the Lord really is in charge of our lives!

Hermana Higginson


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