3.27.17 Little by Little Each Day!

Hi my people!

I have never had so many bug bites, drank so much coke, not showered for so long or would have thought I desperately needed my rainboots in Peru ha! But, I am safe and everything is swell here in El Bosque! Through a miracle, it never flooded in my area… my Obispo called the area Zion. Yet, other parts of my mission and thoughout Peru have been extremely damaged and ruined… so they are in my deepest prayers. They need extra blessings and comfort from the Lord.    We have been locked in our rooms, have had no internet and no water, I just keep having to think, people have it way worse than me! Luckily, I got to call my parents last week and hear their voices. It was the best. This week has been sunny and hopefully is back on track to being okay everywhere in Peru. It has not rained this hard in Peru for over 50 years. Craziness. The Lord is watching over and protecting us missionaries.

Time is FLYING. It is honestly scary! The days sometimes feel like minutes! I am trying to soak up´everyday… and just give the Lord my best from when I wake up to when I go to bed. I truly think that is all missionaries can honestly do most days. We are just his tools… which is really humbling in itself.

2 months!

My miracles of the week:

– DIEGO! Our 15 year old investigator. He is seriously awesome. He is progressing so well! He came with us to a baptism last Saturday and loved the himnos. Awkward experience though… he wanted to thrumb wrestle with me and it was SO AWKWARD because how do I explain I cannot in Spanish? Yeah… I have no clue either ha so I slowly folded my arms 🙂 He also came to church on Sunday! WOO!

– Maria Louisa. a 17 year old girl! The spirit led us to her. Not kidding! The missionaries stopped teaching her a few months back and she has no idea why. She told us she was ready to come looking for us until we finally knocked on her door. Hand of the Lord. She reads the pamphlets and writes down spiritual questions. Her heart is so ready. AH!

– I got to watch the end of women’s conference in English! It was a blessing because apparently that never happens. President Eyring answered my prayers. Heavenly Father knows us, He knows our needs and He answers our prayers.

Most rain in 40 years in Peru

– Celebrating a dear lady in our ward — Hermana Cecilia! Her family is amazing, they have been converts for 8 years now. They are special in my heart! We had cake and sang happy birthday in her home to her!

– We were sitting in church this past Sunday and then walks in AMERICANS. My soul literally was SO HAPPY! There were parents and a daughter with her husband! The daughter is Hannah and served in El Bosque about 3 years ago! She was so sweet and it was relieving for me to talk to her. She comforted me so much, especially with the language. Her Dad also did all of the stone on the Idaho Falls temple and her husband is from Bonneville! A little piece of Idaho here in Peru. My heart.

Hermana Miranda

Sadly, our baptisms both fell through, but I know it is all of the Lord’s timing and he is preparing them at their pace. Somtimes, it stinks for people to have their agency 🙂

Miracles from the Lord are everywhere when we look for them!

I was studying in the New Testament about the father who asked the Savior to heal his son, with the Savior saying,”if thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth” with hears in his eyes.. he replied “Lord, I believed, help thou my unbelief” HELP THOU MY UNBELIEF. I love that plea from a father who truly wanted to believe. Ironically, I found the talk by Elder Bednard and he talks abou the same story! He explains how the plea of the Father had more to do with believing the Master’s healing power could be SO individual and personalized to bless his son. He may have believed in Christ generally but not specifically or personally. ONe way to come to know the Savior is to trust His blessings are available and applicable in our own individual lives. Come to truly KNOW Him in your life personally.

Over 2 months in the mission. WOWZERS. I try each day to be made more alive in Christ. Everything is little by little or poco poco. The members and our investigators tell me that every single day. Patience is the key in a lot of what we do in life! The Lord will never leave us comfortless.

Mas Amor,

Hermana Higginson



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