3.20.17 Flooding in Peru Letter from President Rios

Dear brother and Sister Higginson, Sister Higginson is good health she has food and water to drink, if housing is not affected, however the Church has everything ready if ever anything is missing.

In Trujillo, it is raining and there is plenty of water with Earth through the streets, flooded houses, but these places does not correspond to our mission. It is true that it’s raining enough but there is no danger.

Plans for your peace of mind to the Presidency of Area specific as for food and safety, don’t worry we are the care of them.

We were spreading news for Facebook however had some problems that is why we are creating a new Facebook Personal “mission Peru Trujillo South” the only thing we ask is the following:

1 find the name South Peru Trujillo mission on facebook

2. send a friendship request, indicating a message who are with the full name of his missionary who is in the field.

3. This will be operational from the day Wednesday, March 22. From now on will be sent the missionaries by this new Facebook information.

Kind regards

President Rios


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