3.13.17 Hugs and a Lot of Faith!

My friends,

My first day in the mission field! Woot woot!

I have to say that sometimes I can’t believe I am a missionary in Trujillo, Peru. Sometimes I seriously do not know how I ended up here, but I know it is all the Lord’s hand and divine positioning that has led and guided me to be a representative for my Savior at this time of my life and for some reason He needs me to be here and He believes and trusts me to do His work here. I pray everyday I can be an instrument in His hands even with my language barrier.

As I said last week, I am in an area called El Bosque with my trainer Hermana Miranda! She is from Las Vegas and grew up speaking English and Spanish. We always speak English way to often… so that probably does not help me with my Spanish ha but then I am reminded I am constantly surrounded by Spanish and I am suppose to be with Hermana Miranda and through my patience, effort and diligence hopefully there is a chance for me šŸ™‚ Hermana Miranda is a tender mercy for me as I am still in the major learning curve with how to be a missionary, the language, the culture shock, and the adjustment to the schedule.

I love my area with my whole heart! It humbles me every.single.day how people live here… they have so little and still work so hard for what they do have. The dear people here are simply inspiring. They are helping teach me to never take the little things or what I have for granted. They constantly count their blessings from the Lord.

Now for the best part of sharing about our investigators and special experiences I have had! As of right now we have 5 people with a baptismal fecha! One of them is Roberto. A 28 year old male who recently married into a super active family in our ward! His baptism date is for March 25. Our last lesson with him, he shared how he knew God was real but was not sure if this was the true church. Through my broken Spanish and the spirit’s help I bore my testimony that if this church was not true, I would not be on a mission for 18 months of my life, trying all I can to learn Spanish and preach this gospel as the Savior would. I have never felt the spirit so strong… and in his prayer he offered at the end, he prayed Heavenly Father would help me learn Spanish.

Walter and Isabel are amazing… they have 2 daughters and literally live in a room as big as my bedroom back at home with dirt floors… but they are so happy. They are not married and waiting for their marriage papers so that they can be baptized! WOO! So excited for them.

Part of the Paredes Family

Now the Paredes family. They have me play hymns on their eletrical piano every visit. Which is a lot! They love it and it invites the spirit every time. Last week I got to invite them to be baptized. 2 of 4 of them accepted… but I pray the other two will see how much the Gospel changes lives! The light about all of them has increased greatly the last 2 weeks! It is so crazy because the mother Elizabeth wanted nothing to do with missionaries 2 months ago! God works miracles.

I could go on and on about all of the dear people here. I have come to love them so much… and although I cannot have normal conversations with them… I pray they at least feel my love for them. Hermana Miranda and I finally found our first investigator together! A 15 year old boy — Diego. He is so funny and a really good kid. We want to teach his family because that is every missionary’s goal! Baptize families so they can go to the temple! There is also a little boy named Willy in our ward, he is my brother Luke’s age and whenever he sees me, he runs up and gives me a hug! It makes me miss Luke and his hugs SO MUCH!

This work.. it is hard and wonderful all at the same time. But, I have come to recognize that tender mercies of the Lord are SO REAL… that sometimes I feel unworthy because it is such a sacred calling, but if we stand steady and face hards things or hard days… maybe 6, 8 or even 20 in a row, things in the end will straighten out and there is a great purpose to our struggles in life or in my case, on my mission. Just as 1 Nephi 17:3 says…”The Lord provides means whereby we can accomplish the things he has commanded us.” Through my humbling,

Where some of our dear investigators live


My dear trainer Hermana Miranda





I come to have more faith in that every day. I truly believe miracles come as we push ourselves farther than we think we can go. The Lord knows when we are giving our all and he will bless us for it.

It is a great privilege to be on the Lord’s errand!

Much amor,

Hermana Higginson


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