2.22.17 Patience Is The Key

My dear amigos!

What a humbling week… the Lord refines me, molds me, shapes me and once I am feeling good and comfortable He starts all over. The refiner´s fire is real. It is a beautifully hard process! I know it is all in the Lord’s timing we work through our afflictions and hard times, but He always delivers His followers. I know that will my whole heart. He works miracles in the lives that are patient and trust Him.

Last Saturday I went proselyting! AH! Such a special experience. My companera was Hermana Primitela! She was an answer to my prayers. The Lord just always knows who we need! She knew very little english, so it was hard to commuicate with her but it pushed me to try! We became best friends in the 2 hours I worked with her! I am not kidding! She wishes she could be my trainer 🙂 We talked to everyone and handed out all of our 50 pass along cards of the Savior. People here in Peru are so willing to listen to you. It amazed me. The way people live here humbled me to see how blessed I am. The Lord has blessed my life immensely. I am so excited to share with people in despair that there is hope and great joy awaiting them! I walked around the streets of Lima South with the biggest smile on my face! It felt so good to forget myself and focus on others. This work of the Lord is so special and so unqiue — you can’t not feel so happy when you are on the Lord’s errand!

I have been struggling with having patience in myself, but I as I learned through my humbling, that the Lord expects us to have patience during our afflictions. For this is the only way we grow. In Alma 32 we are told to plant a seed in our heart with the word of God and nourish it with faith, diligence and PATIENCE! And if we endure well, with much patience we will reap our reward and our trees will bring forth fruit. The Lord always provides a way. Our lives all depend on our attidue and response… we paint our own pictures and choose to be happy even when it is hard! Enduring has always been my greatest weakness but I know through and only by the Lord He will make it my greatest strength!

I leave for the campo Tuesday morning! Onto my new adventure! I have grown while being here in the CCM so much, but I still have so far to go! SO FAR! The CCM will hold the most special place in my heart.

I love this gospel, I love being a missionary and I most importantly love my Savior with every fiber in my being.

Hermana Higginson



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