2.15.17 “We can do hard things”

Hello from another beautiful week in the CCM!

I have been serving the Lord for 1 whole MONTH! AHHHH! More and more each day I recognize how lucky I am to be His arms, legs, hands and voice. I need to make every day count and be happy that I have the best news to share!

Here is how I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life this week (and some funny things!):

– My new hermanas! They are amazing! They brought so much light to the CCM! I got to interview them and I see why the Lord placed me to help them… so I can understand how they feel. Missions are hard, but I told them that each day doesn´t get easier, the Lord just helps each day get better!

– The latina hermanas are my besties! I am so drawn to their spirits. They always tell me how beautiful my spanish is and my diligence to communicate and learn from them. Uhhh…. I do not think that is true one bit but they bring light into my life and help me SO much!

– My companions are heaven sent. Complete heaven sent. The Lord places the people we need most and the time we need them. Christ is the center of our companionship for sure. We teach by the spirit… what more could you ask for!

– One Hermana who is latina suprised me with my favorite cookies from the vending machine (they are a really bad addiction!) she hand delivered them to my door. It is the little things that you know the Lord was involved.

– We had orientation for the new Elders and Hermanas this past week and the zone leaders and sister leaders were in charge of giving advice. As missionaries we are advised to not say “you guys” and our branch president, President Asay, promised us ice cream. Sadly, a elder blew it for us. Sad day! My advice… what I get told by my mama constantly… “we can do hard things” always believe that you can!

– We are going out proselyting this Saturday! We are going into the real world with the elders and hermanas from the Lima East mission! It will be a eye opening experience. That is for sure!

This week I have been really trying to learn how to “turn out” and lose myself in the service of the Lord. It is hard… but I recongize that we can only do it through the Lord. We are absolutely nothing without Him. He is my complete strength. I come to know him more and more each and every day. Joy is found through Him. I love my savior. I LOVE being a missionary! I can’t wait to go to Trujillo to share the light!

Remember: Concurrencia! (turn out) The Savior will help you 🙂

I love you all!!! My heart is so full.

Hermana Linds

img_0228 img_0237 img_0240 img_0255 img_0244 img_0257 img_0245 img_0258


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