2.7.17 See you in tres semanas Trujillo!

My favorite people!

Hola! I am halfway done here in the CCM! If that is not insane to the membrane, I do not know what is! Time is the funniest thing — I feel like I said goodbye to my family 18 months ago and then again like I just saw them yesterday! Time really is flying here in Peru. The CCM Presidente Moore brought it to our attention that we would all be out for a month by next week…. so he said to start making the days count!

All of the Avansados left the CCM yesterday.. those are the missionaries 3 weeks ahead of us! I miss their spirits so much already, you can tell the difference! My companions and I along with Hermana Wood & Hermana McFarland were called to be the Sister trainers for the new missionaries coming early, early, early tomorrow morning! I do not feel qualified for the calling… but I know the Lord has called me and my Hermana friends to help these new Hermanas arrive into the mission field. Lucky ducks for being called to the prettiest place ever! My companion Hermana Brasga and I often joke the Lord calls those that need the most improving and help. So here we are 🙂 Although, the Lord answered my prayer in wanting to find a way to better serve others!

This past Sunday, I walked into Sacrament meeting and the spirit just penetrated into my heart instanly, the avansados were singing ¨the efy medley. I have sang that song about a million times.. but instead of singing we will be the Lord´s missionaries, they sang, “and we are NOW the Lord´s missionaries to bring the world his truth.” I am now the Lord´s missionary,,, I am called to find those souls in Trujillo and my heart could not rejoice more on the very thought!

A mission can be hard… but wow your love for this gospel, everyone around you and your Savior just goes through the roof. I have never felt so apart of something so amazing and flawless and that is this work of the Lord. Shouting to everyone that He Lives and wants us to come unto Him!

Today is my half birthday… I make a big deal out of those and my companion has been singing to me all day, “happy half birthday hermana Higginson” I cannot stop busting up!!

Just remember…. if you choose the good, keep the commandments, pray to the Savior, and press forward with so much faith then your steps will be guided and you cannot ever go admiss!

I love you all with my whole corazon! (there is my spanish word for the weel :))

Hermana Higginson

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