What a week here in Peru! The most prettiest place ever. It is so warm here. All.of.the.time! It is boating weather so I always miss my family so much when I think about boating with them! I love it here. The spirit is amazing strong. It is a place of refuge from the storms of life, no doubt.

I am running short on time, but will include my highlights from my week:

1. It is a sad day when you run out of all of your American snacks. That happened to me yesterday since I shared with all of the Latinos and the American Hermanas! Sharing is caring but I do not know how I will survive without my snacks! hahaha!

2. I got the amazing oppertunity to play “Come Thou Fount” on the piano while my companion Hermana Brasga and a Elder from my district sang. I bawled as I played it! Music brings in the spirit so strongly.

3. I have 2 investigators here in the MTC — Pedro & Ysabel. You guys, my Spanish is awful with a capital A! But, as I extended the baptismal invitation to them in Spanish, from memory, the spirit testified to me that the best way I could share this good news of the gospel with the people I needed to was through Spanish.

4. We have English fasts every other day here in the MTC with our districts. THEY ARE SO HARD! But require myself to learn how to speak Spanish better which is the whole point. I wonder if the Lord every thinks, “this Hermana will never learn Spanish!”

5. I got to go to the Lima Peru Temple last week and today. IT IS FLAWLESS. I never have a better feeling than being inside the House of the Lord.

6. I am finally and officially a 18 month citizen of Peru! WHAT! I miss America hahaha! It was an interesting story trying to get my visa while everyone spoke Spanish! The day I understand Spanish will be a miracle day.

7. My love for the Savior has never been stronger in my whole entire life. This is what life is all about…. learing of Him and becoming like Him.

I feel lucky to be here… it is hard and requires strength beyond my own. But God is good. I have understood that the road to Salvation is not cheap and ALWAYS goes through Gethsemane. If we want to follow him we must sacrafice! There is joy to be found every day and that is all because of Jesus Christ.

I love you all! Thank you for the prayers — it humbles me to know the strength I receive from those prayers!

Hermana Linds

temple trip!!!

The sign in the MTC!

My dear friend, Hermana Wood! We have become such great friends! She is also friends with my good friend Alice Cannon! Small world!

img_0150 img_6566 img_0144 img_6572 img_0141


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