Hola my favorite people!

I cannot believe it has been a full week in the CCM. Longest, hardest, and most rewarding week of my life. It is beautiful here and my companions and I relate it to the Garden of Eden haha! Peru is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It always weirds me out to recognize that I am not in America anymore! WHAT! We are so blessed.

I am in a trio here in the CCM. I am with Hermana Brasga (from Southern Cali) and Hermana Hammond (from Florida near Tallahassee) They are both awesome hermanas! They work hard, always carry the spirit with them and strive to be obedient. We cry and laugh more than we should! It is a good balance πŸ™‚ I have become an emotional wreck while being here in the CCM! The spirit has touched me in so many different ways. I have made thee weirdest connections ever here in Peru! SO many hermanas and elders are somehow connected to Blackfoot, Idaho or someone I know! It is the coolest thing ever! The mission president and his wife have to be the most down to earth people I have ever met, they treat us like family. They take very good care of us missionaries. The CCM food is finally growing on me… which probably is not a good thing because I feel like we are always eating admist our crazy schedule! Peruvians take their food very seriously down here… so they make huge meals for each course! HELP! hehehe! My district rocks! It is mi and my companions with 8 elders. The elders get so distracted but they also bring the spirit in so strongly! We are all besties! Did I mention that EVERYONE is so sick here in the CCM? Somehow I have not gotten sick one bit since I have been here (knock on wood) I have been handing out my probiotic medicine to all of the elders in my district and hermanas that are sick! I am called the nurse of the CCM hahaha! (thank you mama for the probiotics… they are literally saving my life!!!) I also adore the latinos here SO much! They take you in as there own and have tried helping me with my Spanish, in return I help them with their english and it the funniest and cutest thing ever! Learning Spanish is the hardest thing I have ever had to do…. it is so challenging and trying and Satan can just be plain mean… but I know with the Lords help I can acheive whatever he would have me do. We would be nothing without Him… the Great Almighty.

Last Saturday we got the privilege of hearing from Elder Cook of the 12. WOW. I was struggling so much and having so much heartache until I heard his talk…. he really helped me understand that a mission is not for me. It just is not. It is to bless my family now, those I love and will learn to love, my future spouse, my future kids and my future grandkids. He opened up my entire eternal perspective. I now know that a mission is so hard… but it will be something I will thank my Heavenly Father forever. I know that I am exactly where I need to be. As I met with my district last evening, Presidente Moore (the CCM president) was in our meeting…. I bore my testimony on how I am trying to gain patience with myself and who I am wanting to become, because in my mind i must have thought I would be this whole new person a week into the CCM HA! I am so funny πŸ™‚ As I said the closing prayer and butchered it… hardcore, (I said it in Spanish by the way) President Moore stood up and said, you see, one week ago you were on a plane to Peru and now a week later you said a beautiful prayer in Spanish.

I love it here. The spirit is always with me…. comforting me, encourgaing me and helping me to press forward. I know that I would be so sad if I was not here right now in my life, doing the Lords work. He ALWAYS provides away!

I love you all with my whole heart!!! (i am so sorry If I did not respond to your emails if you wrote me, I am so limited on time! I will try to get back to you all soon! Thank you for supporting and loving me! and if my spelling is wack it is because of this spanish keyboard hahaha)

Love, Hermana Higginson

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